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Genes in numbers

  • 9
  • Years
  • Genes brand was created by Marek Kotala in 2008 as the beginning clean, modern and inovation creation of web pages.

  • 103
  • Clients
  • We work with our clients on a professional and friendly level using the latest web and 3D technologies.

  • 7
  • Days
  • The quality of our work, family atmosphere and enthusiasm of the team is the engine, that makes a web and create for this period.

3D vizualization


Complete E - commerce Solutions

We're digital agency.

I want successful website

    • Cheap web from a student or a cheap company

      There are countless tools to create a website for free.

      Pages makes student, novice or inexperienced graphic designer.

      You get a website including e - mail addresses for a few bucks.

      They are templates and solutions that will not differentiate from the competition.
      The website is easy to find on the internet.

      About your website or e -shop , most people don't know

      You have to invest considerable funds into PPC campaigns , leaflets, advertisements and other expensive forms of promotion.

      Web -profit isn't built with an emphasis on achieving the goals.

    • Quality web Genes from Media

      Web shop is also perfectly optimized for SEO

      In the design used the latest graphics and visual trends from abroad.

      We use responsive web design or ''One page design''.

      Efficiently, quickly and cheaply we address the target group of your customers.
      We work with professionals in the field.

      We provide professional support.

      Quality content and graphically representative web will bring the right clients to transform your paying customers.
      Custom CMS Content Management System Genes + ®.

      Easy administration website and eshop. Investing in professional web is once more.

  • SEO optimization

    • Wonderfully simple and synoptic administration. Simple and easy to use website statistics . Simplicity and clarity are the basis for CMS Genes + .
    • Video tutorials on how to use CMS + Genes . Everything can be found intuitively. On- line data and stats 24 / 7 th
    • Become an administrator of your website is simple . We make the administration for the people , not superhuman robots .
    • All important data and statistics at your fingertips without searching.
  • Ergonomics control

    • ''We haven't a conversion and we don't know why?'' We will help you!
    • Who don't test their solution, they gambles with the results. We are testing!
    • We use the 'Heat Map' for ergonomic testing.
    • We have the experience and 'know-how' of the drafthundreds of successful sites.
    • We test the proposed design.
    • We use eye tests for site improvements.
    • Keep track of your visitors and what they're doing on the web by using 'Heat maps'.

Interactive responsive web

Get new customers on mobile and tablet devices-

- Responsive webdesign adapts dynamically to the device on which the site is displayed .
- One site appears on each device so that its operation was simple.
- Step forward over the competition !

64% owners of smartphones uses their devices for purchases on the Internet.


2,6 mil

Visits from a mobile device in the Czech Republic for month.


  • Consultation

    Alena Šuláková

    and communication

    On a personal conversation with the customer we take pride and with this approach always do a very precise idea of what a web presentation our customers need and what direction it will take in designing a complete solution to web design , programming and marketing.



    With all clients we maintain close connections and do business with a FREE consultation to ascertain that everything works as it should , or if necessary, propose and implement solutions to the situation.

  • Webdesign

    Marek Kotala - webdesign, ředitel společnosti

    and grafic creation:

    The basis of professional website is a lucrative proposal original web design. We don't use templates so each of our clients a unique web design.


    Each design has its own identity in the form of graphics or drawings . Create a good synthetic form isn't just wasting colors, but with the idea to combine the simplicity and the result is an excellent project website.


    About this work is done by an experienced web designer , who continually monitors trends in web graphics , web design , web design and applications.

  • Marketing

    Radek Vrňák - Reklama a marketing

    and internet business:

     By creating and running websites, or e -shop , our work certainly doesn't stop there . About our clients , we take care of not only the technical and graphic side, but we also suggest internet solutions for optimizing websites for search engines and other Internet marketing.


    Experts from marketing on the Internet , and especially our SEO experts are able to propose possible solutions to increase traffic to your website or e -shop and thus the potential profit.

  • Code & php

    Štěpán Tripal

    web programming:

    Quality programmed sites is important to easily manage using our CMS Genes +  admin interface . Site Code is also important in not only the correct image in a variety of browsers such as Internet Explorer , FireFox , Chrome and others, but also for the right optimization of websites for search engines ( SEO).



    This process is in charge of experienced web developers who constantly monitor current trends and strives to improve the quality of their work so that our clients always got a website or e -shop with the best ratio of price vs. performance.

  • Mobil phone & Design

    Mobilní web

    and responsive design:

    Today, with the boom of touch devices such as iPad , iPhone, Tablet and various others, is very important to think about the customers who use these devices . Their percentage is constantly increasing , so we decided to pay more attention to optimize websites for mobile devices


    Proposals for a mobile solution for you individually prepares every web designer in cooperation with the programmer when both as professionals determine how would your e -shop or web pages on mobile platforms should behave and display .


  • Animation

    and 3D graphics:

    The main pillar of our society GENES Media s. r. o. of course is create Web sites and e -shops. However, for several years, also specializes in creating 3D graphics, 3D visualization and 3D animation, and we have for this field an entire section reserved for them .


    Our main 3D graphic designer will always personally discuss with the best access your requirements for 3D animation, 3D visualization and 3D spots and propose technical solutions and cost of various proposals.

  • Copywriting

    Michaela Kadlecová - Coprywriting, texty pro webové stránky

    and creating of texts:

    Can you imagine a website on which it wouldn't be any word ? Texts of Your web revive, give him a common character and adress to your customers. Word sold mainly in e -shops. You can accomplish what no matter how good the picture. The lyrics certainly don't to underestimate .



    We will prepare texts on websites

    or on site e -shop, grammatically and stylistically flawless and attractive. We also manage your profiles on social networking sites and multiply a number of your fans

  • SEO

    and website optimization:

    The most beautiful website will be useless if no one can see them. And just because of SEO Search engine optimization will help your website to the most visibility. With our proposed modifications to your site, it will be entered in search. Keywords appear at the top ranks of a traffic and will rise nicely.


GENES Media s.r.o.


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